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Oziconnect an Innovative Freelance Platform: Freelancing with ease in 2022

Oziconnect-freelance platform

Oziconnect-freelance platform

 Oziconnect is a global freelance platform formed in 2017 out of Nigeria, offering freelance services, freelance jobs, and curated digital products. The goal of the platform was to work as a global network for businesses to find freelance talent throughout Africa. With a rebrand in 2019, the platform opened up to a worldwide audience offering global client and freelance access to a world of talented artists, writers, designers, engineers, developers, and more. 

Oziconnect starts with the service platform, where freelancers and businesses from around the world can connect with freelance talent, see their experience in the profile section and learn more about the typical services they can offer. The platform mainboards have products such as easy purchasing of PHP scripts, HTML, projects for writing, photography, music, and more. If you are seeking professional talent, Oziconnect will give you access to connections with thousands of freelancers that have the experience to execute your project on time and within your budget.

 How Oziconnect freelance platform formed

From its main location in Lagos Nigeria, the founder Harrison Oziegbe A. a graduate of Assam Don Bosco University used his bachelor of computer application to work on the platform system for a freelance website. Harrison Oziegbe A. wanted to create a platform where he could market his own skills as a developer as well as help out some other freelancers in his community in reaching an audience of businesses worldwide. With the launch in 2017, the network would grow and new professionals continued to join to produce a larger talent pool.

Oziconnect would be shut down in late 2017 for further development and the chance to look towards something larger for the future. The redesign and launch process would take time and development but the updated version of Oziconnect launched in 2019 with new features like added improved security, and a seamless payment process to eliminate the troubles of outsourcing foreign currency for International transactions, therefore reducing the cost of the hiring process for clients and more category sections for freelance talent. 

Our founder was also able to complete an MBA in technology management in 2018 during the redevelopment phase to add new business knowledge, technology, and marketing support for the platform. Using his skills in development and business, Harrison was able to build and relaunch the platform to compete with established freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Codecanyon. Many of the expert freelancers from these websites you can find on Oziconnect as well as some exclusive talent found only on this platform too. 

Oziconnect Today

Oziconnect has grown significantly, today the development team is made up of 10 employees and the network of freelancers has grown to thousands of talented members online. The site continues to showcase talent from across Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and the whole of Africa while also offering assistance to those who would like to work as freelancers from a worldwide market. The gig section, as well as the online dashboard, has been enhanced to make searching for freelancers easier than ever before and create a strong digital profile simpler for online talent too.

How Oziconnect works

How Oziconnect freelance platform works

If you have a project that you need to be completed or you could use expert talent to complete your work, Oziconnect freelancers are waiting for you. Start by using the search bar to find professionals who offer the services you are seeking. You can browse freelancer profiles to find out more about their experience, interview people through the chat system and then hire seamlessly from the dashboard.

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Oziconnect also gives clients the chance to post their projects online to have freelancers connect with them and bid on the project. Posting a job to the boards will have you matching with dozens of freelancers offering proposals on how they will complete your job.

The platform also offers gig services for aspects of your project and makes it easy to access direct services from freelancers. In the browse and buy section, you can find direct services such as purchasing a 5-page website, 1000 words of writing, 1 hour of photoshop work, and more. With the service section, you can choose a freelancer to complete a service that is one aspect of your project or find a freelancer offering a service that can outsource a task for you easily. With the service section, you can purchase a freelancer service just as easily as making any other online purchase. Buy today and get your project started now.

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Oziconnect has advantages over other platforms

Advantages of Oziconnect freelance platform over other platforms

There are a wealth of advantages that Oziconnect offers businesses and freelancers over other similar websites. Our platform has a user-friendly interface, is simple to use, and connects you with the right talent for your project in minutes. You can also be sure to find the best value for your budget as our freelancers compete for your project with their Negotiated Fees.

Oziconnect makes it easy to hire freelance talent in a seamless and cost-effective manner. Payments can be made in your local currency with international transactions happening as easily as any other online payment. Clients no longer need to worry about finding a way to connect to their freelancers or restrictions on international transactions, the process is easy like paying for groceries or buying a product online.

Additionally, Oziconnect does not charge any commission on projects awarded to freelancers, so you always know exactly how much your project will cost. We also offer an Escrow system to keep your payments secure until you are happy with the work completed.

Oziconnect is also different because it champions freelancers from Africa and provides them with a global audience, helping lift up local economies while connecting businesses with top talent.

The secure and easy payment system ensures that there is no need for currency exchange difficulty. Hiring experts from across Africa does not require any third party and your support of freelancers on the website ensures that the talent will be paid without outsourcing payment sources, black market exchanges, and more.

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