Virtual Meetings – How to Rock Your Company’s Virtual Meetings: Digital Events Are the New Norm

Virtual meetings – Covid-19 was present at some of the last in-person gatherings and activities before the planet slipped into pandemic lockdown. Most major yearly events have been hosted virtually in the last year. Even with vaccination rollouts well underway, virtual meetings are likely to continue in some form for the foreseeable future.

Virtual Meetings and Gathering – The New Norm

The pandemic has increased the popularity of digital events and virtual meetings. However, it appears that this is not a passing trend. In addition, most marketers anticipate that virtual events will persist long after the epidemic is over. The simplicity, comfort, and cost of hosting a virtual event from anywhere globally is the primary reason for its continuing.

Ways to Rock Your Company’s Business Meetings

If you’ve been putting off fine-tuning your virtual meetings, it’s time to face the facts: virtual meetings are the new standard!

But don’t worry; it’s simple to turn a boring presentation into an intriguing, interactive one. We’re here to demonstrate how it’s done. Read on to find out more.

Use High-End Software and Platforms

The secret to a good online conference call, event, or seminar is to employ adaptable, high-quality, and simple software to use. It may take some time to identify the optimal one for your company’s unique requirements, but your meetings will be a success once you do.

Let’s take a look at the top three options for making your next virtual conference a success.


MeetingPlay allows you to host a cutting-edge event that simulates the in-person experience. And for many, the ability to network with other coworkers is what makes an event truly memorable. This software is ideal for enterprises of all sizes, with a capacity ranging from 20 to 200,000 participants.

Among the key aspects, a few are:

• Downloadable material.

• Networking opportunities.

• Connectivity with dozens of platforms is simple.

• Capability to incorporate hybrid events.


With the Eventtia platform, you can’t go wrong. This program will turn your next event into an unforgettable experience.

The key aspects of the application are:

• Quick and easy access to the digital platform.

• High-caliber networking.

• Interactivity and audience involvement have been increased.


If you’re wondering whether to hold virtual or in-person gatherings, Inevent is the solution. When the future is still unknown, this is the top software for arranging hybrid events and meetings.

The key aspects are:

• Hybrid marketing solutions.

• Hub for virtual integration.

• Entertaining event participation.

Enhanced Connectivity

Virtual events have the chance to enhance not just large-group interaction but also one-on-one encounters. Famous web platforms’ “breakout sessions” enable users to have more face-to-face interactions than they would be able to have in person. Digital formats can improve social encounters by removing physical and social obstacles while promoting unpredictability and uncertainty.

Provide Engaging Content

Digital organizers of the event can select from a range of formats tailored to each event’s specific requirements and budget. At a higher price range than on-demand, available to stream webinars that can be enjoyed on attendance’s own time, live virtual conferences best approach the real-time experience of in-person meetings. 

One of the most significant features of digital hosting platforms is quicker access to a plethora of engagement data and KPIs (posts, likes, views, downloads, and exit rates) that may be utilized to increase the ROI of current and future events.

AI and VR advancements enable speakers and presenters to analyze the real-time engagement of many more individuals than they could in person.

Offer Hybrid Options

There are still several advantages to including a virtual component in your next event as we return to normality. Virtual meetings, for example, allow individuals from all over the world to participate without the inconvenience of plane tickets and hotel reservations.

The majority of the software choices mentioned above can assist with hybrid scheduling. Allow more time for in-person participants to travel around meeting rooms and time for virtual participants to interact and engage with others.


In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do business. The sudden shift from physical meetings and conferences to virtual meetings was a little challenging for most people to accept. But this is the new normal now. This new normal will make everything digital and online. Companies will hire freelancers as remote workers for their normal tasks instead of hiring permanent employees. 

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